I have welcomed part or full-time apprenticeships to undergraduate or postgraduate students since 2007, often students linked with the BA(Hons) Ceramics degree course in Cardiff. Many passionate and talented young makers have spent time at the studio in an assistant role, some staying for a few weeks, others 2-3 years. Most continue to work in the creative sector and several have become respected professional artists in their own right. I treasure and champion the opportunity to share skills and knowledge in this way. Featured below are a selection of the apprentices with whom I have been privileged to work alongside.

If you are a ceramics under-graduate student interested in summer apprenticeship for 2022, please get in touch. Regrettably I am not currently offering post-grad full-time apprenticeships.

Anastasia Simmons

With the valuable financial assistance of the 'Adopt a Potter' trust, Ana joined me for 2 years, 2012-2014. She is currently artist in residence at Mayfield School in East Sussex, where she continues to make a range of wood-fired salt-glaze. Here she writes about her current clay-work and her apprenticeship. "Using repetition of process around utilitarian themes, my ideas evolve through open-ended playful experimentation before being refined.  Currently focusing on faceting and texturing freshly thrown pots, these marks are investigated;... Read More

Josh Redman

Josh joined me for two summer apprenticeships, firstly as an undergraduate, then post-degree. Subsequently he was invited for an extended period of residency during which time he developed and exhibited his unique thrown and altered sculpture and domestic ware. I follow his current photographic work with great interest and enjoyment. "I was very lucky to have been picked up after graduation by Jeremy.  For those who produce larger batches of work at a time, there are very few affordable options for anybody starting from scratch.  Jeremy’s... Read More

Jacob Bodilly

Jacob and I had a lot of fun during his summer apprenticeship of 2008. His passion and enthusiasm for making and firing pots, and for life is infectious. He writes: "I have very fond memories of working with Jeremy during my Uni days. The time became of great importance to me in my path towards becoming a potter. I found myself truly immersed in the atmosphere of creativity and the purity of a pottery dream. I gained a sense of what is possible when working as a practicing artist. I still regard Jeremy as one of my teachers and remember clearly... Read More

Rosanna Martin

After completing her BA in Ceramics at Cardiff in 2008, Rosanna completed an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art in 2013. She now lives and works in London as a ceramic artist, where she makes sculpture in clay and mixed media. I simply adore her contemporary practice which she writes about below after a short paragraph describing her apprenticeship in 2007. "This was the first real exposure I had of being involved in a working and sustainable pottery. I was able to experience the immense amount of hard work and joy that... Read More