Jacob Bodilly

ApprenticeshipsJacob Bodilly

Jacob and I had a lot of fun during his summer apprenticeship of 2008. His passion and enthusiasm for making and firing pots, and for life is infectious. He writes:

“I have very fond memories of working with Jeremy during my Uni days. The time became of great importance to me in my path towards becoming a potter. I found myself truly immersed in the atmosphere of creativity and the purity of a pottery dream. I gained a sense of what is possible when working as a practicing artist. I still regard Jeremy as one of my teachers and remember clearly the way he taught me to make handles. I learnt the importance of ┬ácommuning with, and conversing about pots. I was shown examples of folk pottery and discovered the handsome French salt glazed wares of La Borne, my approach to clay was changed overnight. On a lighter note I enjoyed wonderful company, loads of laughter, lovely food, and I felt an all round sense of wellbeing. The experience will stay with me for the rest of my days.

My work is currently reduction stoneware with ash glaze finishes. It is based on classic pottery themes and I am highly influenced by the Leach tradition and the Mingei movement. Pottery is a way of life for me and I intend to honour the craft by paying homage to the masters. I have been a professional potter for 7 years now. I have had a rich career so far and feel thankful for the many opportunities that have allowed me to make pottery my life. I run an independent workshop and work on many different levels to make my income. I am just about to receive my first apprentice at my workshop as I wish to pass on what I have learnt and make it possible for inspired people to have an opportunity to work in the pottery trade.”