Wood-salt kiln unpacked

Ash-glazed bottle, wood-fired salt-glaze

Friday saw Jack and I unpack the small wood-salt kiln,...

Wood-salt kiln pack

Packing the wood-salt kiln, slabbed bottles

Last few pots packed into the kiln today, leaving the wicket to erect before pre-heating tomorrow. Firing proper begins early Wednesday morning 20th. The nervous excitement pre-firing has not diminished over the years!

Sledging and slabbing

For several weeks I have been working at a tangent to...

Pop-up exhibition, Cirencester

Porcelain wall lights by Jeremy Steward

Entitled 'Shuffling sideways', Nigel Lambert, Jeremy...

Tea and cookies

Wood-fired salt-glazed plate with home-baked biscuits

Of an early and busy weekday morning, I relish strong tea in volume, and what better to accompany it than a home-made biscuit. These in the pic are served on one of my side plates, and made from a recipe in Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'Everyday' pg.393, "Ten-minute cookies", delicious!...

A big thank you Papergecko

No Place Like Home - Endpaper & CD Mount

Very many thanks to Papergecko, a specialist design team led by artist Stefhan Caddick, based in Crickhowell, West Wales. With a great deal of patience and tolerance, cyber expertise and artistic input, they have...

‘Chasing Gold’, Logbook article

The Logbook magazine cover: Woodfire Soda Glaze

The Log Book magazine represents a cross-section of international wood-fired ceramics. Edited by Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson, it is published...

The Ceramics Book, 3rd edition

The Ceramics Book front cover

This new directory of selected CPA professional members...