Autumn sunshine, au revoir Penny & Jack

mugshot: Jeremy Steward, Patia Davis and apprentices

Picking the last of swelling blackberries for jam-making this afternoon, in glorious sunshine, fantastic! It offered a pause for thought after a very...

Pot sale update!

School poster 'Throw a pot'

A rather last minute alteration to schedule.....I've been summoned by the PTFA of our local Primary school for some 'Have...

Roulettes galore

mug rouletted and ash-glazed

I'm really enjoying a group of new bisque roulettes which I've been employing in various ways to wet and soft leatherhard pots, both thrown and slab-built.

Summer sale, seconds and old stock

wood-fired salt-glazed pots

I've had a long overdue late Spring clean out and from this Thuraday 18th July until Sunday 21st, I'll have some great bargains for sale on the Wobage Gallery 'Seconds & Old Stock' shelves. We are open 10am until...

The lure of porcelain

Ash-glaze porcelain espresso cups in kiln

I continue to experiment with porcelain, in throwing and slab-building, and despite the difficulties in building, I love the results. I've expanded more tests on the Goonvean kaolins, to which I've been adding a quarter...

Adopt a Potter award to Ana Simmons

Ana Simmons & Jeremy Steward, by wood fired salt-kiln

I am delighted to announce that from the beginning of...

Tea and cookies

Wood-fired salt-glazed plate with home-baked biscuits

Of an early and busy weekday morning, I relish strong tea in volume, and what better to accompany it than a home-made biscuit. These in the pic are served on one of my side plates, and made from a recipe in Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'Everyday' pg.393, "Ten-minute cookies", delicious!...

A big thank you Papergecko

No Place Like Home - Endpaper & CD Mount

Very many thanks to Papergecko, a specialist design team led by artist Stefhan Caddick, based in Crickhowell, West Wales. With a great deal of patience and tolerance, cyber expertise and artistic input, they have...