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These softly triangulated shot beakers of Petra’s sit beautifully in the hand. They are slab-built from a single pattern, edges carefully mitred and then deftly folded around and the base sections tucked under and joined. They are light-weight and hold a generous double, or triple shot of your favourite tipple.

Petra uses a variety of salt-glaze slips to decorate her work. There is a strong cross-over between her 2D print-making and the slip monotypes applied to her tableware.  She’s been sketching more prolifically in recent months. Especially the garden and woodland birds at our home on the edge of the Forest of Dean. So little surprise that they are starting to emerge on some of these latest pots! We are choosy when placing these pots in the wood-salt kiln pack, the drawings carefully orientated away from the direct flame path as much as possible. We adore the serendipitous interaction between the slip-printed lines, finger wipes and brushwork, and the build up of fly-ash and more deeply orange-peeled surfaces creeping in and around them. From the canvas of ideas volunteered to the kiln, yields a new story and landscape.

Price: £22.00
Height: 5cm
Width: 5cm
Volume: 50ml
Weight: 80g
P&P: £7

(multiple item purchases to the same address will incur additional P&P of £3 per pot, or if you are local to Wobage Pottery you can pick up to avoid P&P charges altogether)

Additional information

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm



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