Aberystywth ICF

Phoeni firingThe Biennial International Ceramics Festival, staged at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and University, is fast approaching, where I shall be building and firing a small wood-fired salt-kiln. It’ll be a 15 cub’ ft’ pack and similar to a kiln which I have built earlier this Spring with the assistance of apprentice Ana and 2nd year Cardiff undergraduate, Penelope Rudge. It’s a Phoenix design, and having fired the Wobage model at the beginning of this month, the project is shaping up nicely.


The festival runs from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th June 2013. The last I heard the weekend tickets were sold out, but there were still some day tickets left. In my experience it’s a fantastic event, and for the enthusiast or amateur maker it’s a must. Great value and packed full of demonstration and lecture.


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