Wood-salt kiln unpacked

Ash-glazed bottle, wood-fired salt-glazeFriday saw Jack and I unpack the small wood-salt kiln, with some great results. Very few seconds, good colour and salt distribution and I am pleased with the results of the new slabbed and coiled bottles for Cirencester exhibition. Have to say I was pretty nervous for these, the largest 60cm tall and others made in Limoges porcelain. The quarter percent of cellulose fibres added to this porcelain made a huge difference to the build quality as well as eradicating cracking. Well worth the effort and l look forward to trying the same clay on the wheel for smaller work.

Slabbed bottle, wood-fired salt-glaze
Soup bowl, wood-fired salt-glaze
Slabbed porcelain bottle, wood-fired salt-glaze
Ash-glazed bottle, wood-fired salt-glaze

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  • Susie Murdoch

    I particularly like the blue/black slip on your second vessel. Altogether very impressive and I look forward to the time when I can sign up with you for more of your excellent tuition …

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