Sledging and slabbing

For several weeks I have been working at a tangent to my usual practice of wheel throwing. The ideas first grew from some new deeply impressed motifs applied to some of my thrown pots. This led to a train of thought towards porcelain and the potential translucency of these marks which I thought may lend themselves to some kind of lighting. So I have recently begun a mini collaboration with local artist and designer-maker Colin Chetwood, who specialises in lighting of various forms and materials. The first of these porcelain wall lights will be displayed in Cirencester’s Brewery Arts ‘Pop-Up’ gallery from Tuesday 26th June, in an exhibition entitled ‘Shuffling Sideways’.

Alongside these lights, I shall be displaying a complimentary group of hand-built pots in stoneware and limoges porcelain. Using the same large sledged plaster moulds that form the lighting tiles, these slab-built and coiled pots have offered a refreshing challenge. The slower pace of production and the various processes of building and assembly, lends a set of completely new ways of thinking and doing. All still to play for, wood salt-firing next week!

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