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This page is a credit to photographer J.P.Kavanagh. Aside from the studio shots of some of the pots, which are my own, he has over several months, recorded a photographic diary of my process, from dry powdered clay to fired pots unpacked from the kiln into the studio. His creative pitch, enthusiasm and skills have made a significant contribution to this website, for which I’d like to express my gratitude and wholehearted appreciation. In addition to the photography itself, Kavanagh has been involved with much of the post-production, notably the split-toning which is prominent in the process sections.

This deeply satisfying collaboration does not end here. This slideshow currently features some of Kavanagh’s recent images, more of which you will find on his own website. In future months, this gallery will feature the most current developments in our collaboration. The first models for a salt-glazed stoneware pinhole camera will be fired in the next kiln, for Kavanagh to experiment further with his long exposure exterior pinhole images. Our mutual appreciation for handwork and good food, is the source of inspiration for further collaborative ideas being hatched between pots and pics. We’ll keep you posted!